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Sapele Self-hanging Wall Shelf

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This handmade board is created using the face grain of the board. Due to wood patterns being unique, your board won’t look exactly like or feature the exact same characteristics as other boards or the boards featured in the pictures.

This sapele shelf has a beautiful dark color with a bright shimmer throughout the board. This incredibly beautiful unique wood comes from the Republic of Congo. This dense wood is heavy but very strong. 

This beautiful dark shelf has 4 holes drilled in the backboard to hang the shelf from so hardware isn’t required. The holes also provide just enough room to sink the head of the screw in for a seamless look! This shelf provides a 4.25”x32” space to store things!

Each board is finished with 3 coats of danish oil. This natural oil shows of the colors of the wood while providing long term protection. Using natural oils prevents chipping or peeling from finishes and are naturally made. Oils are also very easy to sand and reapply when maintaining your board!

Front lip: 1.25” tall (0.5” above middle board)                   Middle board: .75”x4.25”x32”                                         Backboard: 3.25” tall (2.5” above middle board)  
Whole shelf: 5.75”x3.5”x32”        

Handmade in my home workshop. A wonderful gift for housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, and even holiday or birthday gifts! Care instructions: You can wash by wiping with light soapy water, do not immerse in water or use dishwasher.

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Care Instructions

Properly clean by wiping all sides, including the bottom, with a wet towel and soap to prevent cupping and warping. Hand dry immediately. Do not submerge in water, soak, or place this item in the dish washer.